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Stunning Suggestion for Treatment is Absolutely Dangerous and Wrong

A suggestion coming from the White House regarding possible treatment for the COVID-19 disease has caused some concern among healthcare professionals. Setting all politics aside, we were stunned by what seemed to be off-the-cuff remarks during a White House press briefing .  Out of fear that anyone might act on this suggestion, and try something dangerous and deadly, we would just like to point out the obvious that the notion is wrong.

In Thursday’s presidential briefing, President Trump suggested that we should look into injecting disinfectant as a means of treatment for COVID-19, saying, “I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning?”

Although perhaps his words were meant well, this has caused some health care officials to respond with warnings. As this idea of using disinfectant to treat humans reaches millions of people worldwide, it could potentially result in some deaths by some people who are less informed and willing to try this as a treatment on their own.

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There is no scientific basis for Mr. Trump’s suggestion, and medical professionals were quick to respond to his unqualified statement.  

In an NBC News report, Dr. Vin Gupta, a pulmonologist and global health expert challenged the president’s statement as improper health messaging.

Dr. Vin Gupta“This notion of injecting or ingesting any type of cleansing product into the body is irresponsible and it’s dangerous,” said Gupta. “It’s a common method that people utilize when they want to kill themselves.” (Source: NBC News)

If you or someone you care for are experiencing the symptoms of coronavirus, please contact a qualified healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.  For further information go to CDC Web Page for Coronavirus

updated 4/28/2020