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10 Simple Ways to Strengthen My Immune System

Sometimes it not easy, but it can be simple.  Smoking, eating and drinking can be difficult behaviors to master.  But, it is simple.  

These are ten simple things that we as humans need to be particularly vigilant about in order to maintain our health and wellness.  The better we are at keeping all these things in order, the better we will feel.

  1.  Don’t smoke
  2.  Drink Plenty of water
  3.  Eat healthy foods
  4.  Avoid Dairy, Grains and Sugar
  5.  Maintain a healthy body weight
  6.  Exercise regularly
  7.  Drink alcohol Only in moderation
  8.  Get enough sleep
  9.  Reduce your stress levels
  10.  Protect yourself from infection by
    1.  Washing hands frequently
    2.  Handle food safely
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