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Merry Christmas

Good morning!

I wanted to take a few moments to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Remember, this time of year is about family, not food.  We have a tendency to look at food as the main part of our socializing, when the focus should be love, catching up on life with relatives we don’t see as often as we should and laughing. I love laughing, it’s such a great medicine!

Remember the tips I gave you from the Thanksgiving post:


  • Have a well macrobalanced breakfast and avoid snacking throughout the morning. There will be plenty when it’s meal time to eat.
  • Choose 3 of your favorites and make sure you have enough protein to balance out the carbohydrates
  • Do some exercising if you want to whenever you’d like during the day.
  • Remember that the carbohydrates to control are potatoes, rice, breads, desserts and alcohol. I would suggest, turkey, green beans, and potatoes – If you want the alcohol – nix the dessert……if you want the potatoes, then nix the alcohol or dessert. Pick one complex carbohydrate.
  • Take smaller bites – they big and small bites taste the same. The smaller bites will be better because you will eat less and have the same satisfaction.
  • The day after a holiday you’re usually dehydrated. You may think you’re hungry, but you’re dehydrated.  You should typically take in 8-14 glasses a day, but I would definitely go towards the 14 glasses when recovering from the holiday meal.
  • Exercise – run or walk 10 mins, then go lift some weights, then go bike for 10 mins, then go lift weights again or yoga – stretching is beneficial for activating the muscle metabolism.  This back and forth really aids in activating the muscles and keeps the heart rate working well.

With that said,


Best regards to you all!


Flash Back Friday


Sometimes I think it’s good to look back at where you were to appreciate how far you’ve come when changing your life towards a positive direction. Too many people look to the future and don’t bask in the joy and victory of what they have accomplished. So celebrate how far you’ve come today.#healthytransformationnation #healthy #motivation #transform #transformation #happiness #instadaily #fitspiration #focus #determination #dedication #discipline #decision #photooftheday #excited #joy #victory

Here is a photo of my at a wedding on 8/19/11 and one taken yesterday 10/30/14

photo                 IMG_3235 photoshopped-2 Then 2011                                            Now 2014

I have come a long way and I am proud of the way I have changed the inward to the outward. Just losing weight isn’t enough – changing from within and appreciating who you are as a person is key!

Have a great Friday and have a safe Halloween!


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