What are the Benefits of Kindness?


Being kind to yourself and others will improve your wellness.

We have many opportunities every day to improve our wellness and it’s very easy.  One of the most overlooked and perhaps most effective methods of improving your life and your wellness is with something we’re calling, “Opportunities of Kindness.” 

Self-care and Selfless Caring

Throughout each day, and throughout our lives, we have a perpetual stream of opportunities running endlessly around each of us.  We are living from day to day enveloped in choices on how to act and feel.  Each opportunity, which often runs seamlessly into the next, is an opportunity to become more acquainted with kindness.  Being kind to yourself and others will improve your wellness.

Being kind is learned mostly through the experience that we receive from others.  We must learn the meaning of true unconditional selfless caring, compassion and generosity.  Oddly enough, caring selflessly is the key to self-care.

Choosing kindness is a profound and deeply fulfilling personal endeavor that leads us to a place of gratitude, peace, and love.  This practice of kindness begins with one’s self, and extends outward, ever-increasing to eventually encompass everyone who’s lives we touch directly or indirectly.

Your wellness and kindness are linked

We can each experience both positive mental and physical improvements with kindness.   Our Opportunities of Kindness work by lowering our stress levels and increasing our body’s dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin.

Not only are there definite physical benefits to being kind to yourself by the act of kindness alone, but also in the act of being kind, you are undoubtedly doing something else which is beneficial. 

An example of this would be if you were to decide to give yourself some additional rest after a particularly demanding day.  Not only is this an act of kindness, which  by itself gives you feelings of satisfaction and gratitude, but the rest itself is also benefiting your body, and the act compassion bestowed upon yourself is lowering your stress and boosting your serotonin.  All of this is improving your health in several ways all at once from one simple Opportunity of Kindness.

Opportunities of Kindness

We each have countless Opportunities of Kindness every day that we can easily turn in to simple action.  Being friendly, generous and considerate toward yourself and others is a powerful tool for self-care, and also for the world in general.  So, not only for your health, but for world health.  That just makes sense, doesn’t it?   

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