Nikilette’s Big Win on Love

Nikilettes big win on love

My Big Win on Love

My big win on love is the love that I found for myself.  When I started to love myself and care for myself, I’m talking the basics.  I’m talking about a bedtime routine, lotion on the skin, taking off your makeup girl at night.  Those types of things.

That’s when things really started to change…

Where I started really loving myself, and by loving myself, and opening the door to loving myself, I opened the door for others to love me…on a very different level.  Before, it was all about chaos.  It was about what I wanted, and what I needed more than what I wanted, actually.  It was about what I needed, or what I thought I needed.  

But, what I really needed was myself.  Loving myself.  Once I got that jewel, that gem, and started taking great care of me .. that’s when things changed.

I got married to the most amazing man.  I went from terrible relationships, even abusive ones, to a relationship with a man that I absolutely love and appreciate and just adore so much.  I have the healthiest relationship of my life, and I am so grateful.

So, that’s my big win on love.  Love yourself, and you’ll be able to love others.




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