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This is why I love what I am doing with my life. I used to feel this way constantly, but now things are different.

I want all of you to focus on loving yourself. Loving ourselves can be the hardest thing to do sometimes, especially when we feel unloved by those around us. However, we can’t rely on others to make us feel loved and have worth.

Remember, you are worth every ounce of energy and passion towards your health & wellness of mind, body and soul.

This passage spoke to me.

Please read this……….

Whenever we are engaged in body-hate, we are suffering, whether we recognize it or not. Instead of heaping on any more judgment, blame, or hatred, offer yourself compassion. Terrible thoughts may continue to swirl, but when you notice thoughts like, “I‘m hideous,” “I hate my thighs,” “I’m fat and disgusting,” or “I need to lose 10 pounds,” offer yourself some empathy. Tell yourself that you are lovable anyway. This simple process was the key to my recovery.
BY Jackie Dobrinska

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