Sunday Funday

I am sitting in my living room relaxing, on the computer and came across this photo and thought of you ladies:


I love the way she looks free, having fun, enjoying the moment, savoring it. That’s how I want to feel. Free, having fun and enjoying each moment – I wish it were possible all the time, but life and stressers that happen trigger things within us that can take away the good feelings we do have. The goal is to focus on the positive people,energies and situations around us that empower us!

I recently had to let go of a friend that is so negative, he can’t see his own hand in front of his face. That was a tough decision to make, but my overall health and well being are most important to me as I grow in my life. What situations do you see in your life that you need to change?  If you make the changes, how will you feel about them? Happier? Lighter? Peaceful?

Think about these things this week and have a happy Sunday Funday!



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